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How to Participate:

Register Online:

Submit your audition video through our user-friendly online platform, MeetSA Azishe CORE Mobile App. Be sure to impress, as this is your ticket to the competition!

Online Auditions:

Our online community and esteemed judges will watch, vote, and elevate the best talents. Stay engaged and make your mark!

Hybrid Shows:

The top contenders will move on to the hybrid events, where the energy goes live. Meet other talented individuals, showcase your skills, and compete for a spot in the finals.

Grand Finale:

The culmination of MeetSA Talent Show happens in a spectacular live event, featuring the top finalists. Special guests, thrilling performances, and the announcement of the winner - it's a night you won't forget!
Are you ready to shine in the spotlight and take your talent to new heights? MeetSA Talent Show is your platform to showcase your unique abilities and captivate audiences from around the nation. This is not just a competition; it's a journey to make your dreams a reality.

About MeetSA Talent Show:

MeetSA Talent Show is a proudly South African initiative that aims to unearth the brightest talents across various Singing categories, from Kwaito, Traditional, Gospel, Hip-Hop, Rnb and Soul. With a dynamic blend of online and live events, we're redefining the way talent competitions are experienced.

Why Join MeetSA Talent Show?

Nationwide Reach:

From the bustling city streets to the quiet corners of the country, we're on a mission to find talent in every nook and cranny of South Africa.

Hybrid Experience:

Our competition seamlessly combines the best of online and live events. Showcase your skills to a vast online audience and, if you make it to the top, get ready for the grand stage!

Top-notch Judges:

Our panel of judges comprises industry experts and celebrities who know what it takes to make it big. Receive valuable feedback and guidance to enhance your talent.

Exciting Prizes:

Capture the spotlight and elevate your career with MeetSA Talent Show! As the winner, you won't just win the hearts of the audience, but you'll also unlock incredible prizes. Experience opportunities like recording singles, exclusive photo shoots, lucrative sponsorship deals, international travel, and more. These rewards are tailored to match your star power and set you on a trajectory towards success. Join us on this extraordinary journey and let your talent open doors to a world of possibilities!
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key Dates


Online Submissions Begin:

01 MARCH 2024

online Voting Period


Top 10 Announcement:


Hybrid Events:

01 MAY - JUNE 2024

Grand Finale:

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What is MeetSA Talent Show?
MeetSA Talent Show is a dynamic talent competition that aims to discover and showcase the best talents across various categories, including singing, dancing, acting, and more. It provides a platform for aspiring individuals to demonstrate their skills and pursue their dreams.
What are the rules for auditions

Audition Rules:

1. Video Submission: Entrants must shoot a video of themselves singing. The video should clearly showcase their talent and performance skills.

2. Group Performances: Group performances are allowed, but all members of the group must be clearly visible and actively participating in the performance.

3. Authenticity: The entrant's performance must be authentic and original. They should not use pre-recorded music or sing over instrumental tracks.

4. No Public Performances: Videos shot in public places where someone else is performing will not be accepted. The focus should be solely on the entrant's performance.

5. Sound Quality: The entrant's voice must be recorded directly through the phone's microphone. Using external speakers or editing the audio is not allowed.

6. Clarity and Visibility: The video should be clear and well-lit, with all performers clearly visible throughout the performance.

7. No TikTok Duets or Similar Edits: Edited videos, including TikTok duets or similar formats, will not be accepted. The performance should be presented in its original, unedited form.

8. Compliance with Guidelines: Entrants must adhere to all guidelines and instructions provided by MeetSA Talent Show for the audition process.

9. Submission Deadline: All audition videos must be submitted before the specified deadline to be considered for the competition.

By adhering to these rules, entrants can ensure a fair and enjoyable audition process for all participants.

How do I participate?
To participate, you need to register online through our user-friendly MeetSA Azishe CORE Mobile App. Submit your audition video during the specified submission period and stand a chance to impress both our online community and esteemed judges.
What is the age limit?
The competition is open to individuals aged 18 to 45
Which genres of music are allowed?
The allowed genres are Amapiano, Kwaito, Traditional, Gospel, Rnb & Soul, and Hip-Hop.
Is dancing and acting allowed?
No, it is signing competition. Participants can showcase their talents in multiple categories, such as kwaito, gospel, traditional, rnb and soul.
Which Countries are allowed?
Participants must be residents of South Africa.
Are groups allowed?
Yes, duos and groups limited to 6 members are allowed. Please note that maximum number includes all members of the band.
When does the competition start?
The competition kicks off with marketing in [Month]. Online submissions will open in [Month], and the voting period will commence in [Month]. Be sure to follow our official channels for specific dates and announcements.
Can I submit entries in multiple categories?
No, we encourage participants to focus on their primary strength to make a lasting impression.
How does the online voting process work?
During the online voting period, users can watch audition videos on MeetSA Azishe CORE Mobile App, vote for their favorite talents, and engage with the community. The voting system is designed to be fair, transparent, and engaging.
What happens in the hybrid events?
The top contenders from the online phase will move on to the hybrid events, where they'll have the opportunity to showcase their talents in live settings. These events include interviews, activations, and performances that lead to the selection of the final top contestants.
When is the Grand Finale?
The Grand Finale, featuring the top finalists, special guests, and thrilling performances, is scheduled for [Month, Date, Year]. This live event will be the highlight of the MeetSA Talent Show, concluding the competition with the announcement of the ultimate winner.
What are the prizes for the winners?
Winners will receive exciting prizes, including recording singles, exclusive photo shoots, and more. The specific prizes will be unveiled closer to the Grand Finale.
How are the judges selected?
Our panel of judges comprises industry experts, celebrities, and professionals with extensive experience in the entertainment industry. Their diverse backgrounds ensure a fair and knowledgeable evaluation of participants.
Can I attend the live events?
Yes, the live events, including the hybrid shows and Grand Finale, are open to the public. Stay tuned for ticket details and announcements on how you can witness the excitement firsthand.
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