Rewards and Credits: Living Your Best Life with Azishe CORE

Welcome to Azishe CORE, where we're redefining the way rewards work. Forget the conventional norms; we're here to reward you for living your life to the fullest! 🎉
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Why Azishe CORE Rewards?

In the aftermath of the post-COVID era, mental wellness is our new battleground. We believe in the power of clubs and entertainment venues to serve as sanctuaries for destressing, socializing, networking, and embracing the spirit of Ubuntu. And guess what? It doesn't have to burn a hole in your pocket!

How It Works:

Living Life Earns you credits:

Azishe CORE rewards you for simply going out, having fun, traveling, and sharing your experiences. Your life is a journey, and we're here to acknowledge and celebrate it.

Promoting Responsible Choices:

We care about your safety. Earn credits by promoting responsible drinking – use vouchers from companies like Uber for safe travels when going out instead of driving.

Sharing Is Caring:

Share the Azishe CORE app with friends and family using your unique code. You get 0.25 credits for each referral! And guess what? Accumulate 5.0 credits, and you've got yourself an automatic voucher.

Rate And Review Clubs:

Your Opinion Matters! Earn 0.05 Credits For Each Club You Rate And Review, Up To 20 Clubs. Your Insights Contribute To The Community And Help Others Discover The Best Spots.
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What's Coming Next:

As we continue to evolve, so does our rewards system. Stay tuned for exciting updates and more ways to earn credits, including new features that'll make your Azishe CORE experience even more rewarding.

At Azishe CORE, we believe in celebrating life, embracing moments, and connecting with the vibrant spirit of our community. Join us on this journey, earn credits, and let's keep the Azishe spirit alive!

Live it up!
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